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Misa Hino

My name is Misa Hino, working under the brand name floramisa as a freelance artist and ENVtuber. I am a variety streamer, but you will mostly see content related to my art/emote design and games, like Final Fantasy XIV and League of Legends.

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Model Credits

Original L2D Model - skyfishu @ Twitter
Original L2D Rigging - evilesz @ Twitter
Chibi L2D Model - _Selco_ @ Twitter
Chibi L2D Rigging - Fortuna_VT @ Twitter
Current L2D Model & Rigging (July 2022) - himechui (aeru studio) @ Twitter
Mascot L2D Model & Rigging (July 2023) - himechui (aeru studio) @ Twitter
3D Custom Magical & Princess Misa Models (December 2023) - Sasara @ VGen
3D Custom Mascot Prop (December 2023) - Sasara @ VGen
3D VRoid Magical & Princess Misa Models (February 2024) - Mikantine @ Twitter

Stream Asset Credits

Stinger (2021-ish) - MoxxxieChu @ Twitter
Original Overlays (2021-ish) - Me!
Animated Starting/BRB/Ending Screens (2021-ish) - yoriyoshii @ Twitter
Bedroom Background (April 2022) - MirabelleVtuber @ Twitter
Stream Overlays + Schedule (July 2023) - dankuri_r @ Twitter
Animated Bedroom Background (October 2023) - arunyi_ @ Twitter

Miscellaneous Credits

Any extra art of Misa can be found via her (credits included).Last Updated: March 07, 2024

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